Made by  Belarusian Artists


On August 9, an ethnopsychological phenomenon occurred. Belarusians all over the world felt metaphysical pain, which led to the unification and consolidation of the Belarusian people. On that day, the regime announced its election victory and responded to peaceful protests with stun grenades, rubber bullets and in some cases live ammunition. In the following days, thousands of citizens were arrested in the detention camp, tortured and raped with rubber sticks. Since then, the violent repressive attacks on the civilian population have increased, and the regime is fighting all approaches of oppositional thinking with inhuman means. Censorship, dismissals, expulsions, arrests and even kidnappings of opposition citizens are increasingly shaking the country.

These events have led to a re-evaluation of the ethnic self-identification of Belarusians around the world. Belarusians began to rediscover their own being, their role in understanding history and in the formation of the "New Belarus", including the awareness of their right to free and independent existence and to the creation of an original ethnic culture, including contemporary visual arts. The social and cultural core of this movement has become the mentality that allows ethnophiles to perceive reality in a similar way, to evaluate it and to act creatively, by perceiving the thesis of the determining role of national consciousness in the self-formation of the nation and connecting it with the Belarusian modern arts.

"New Belarus Art" wants to show positions of Belarusian artists which are particularly up-to-date, particularly urgent and very close to the time. However, New Belarus Art will exhibit works that show more than one connection of historical snapshot. By reflecting on their essence of new self-identification and their experience with the metaphysics of the ethnopsychological phenomenon, the artists create contemporary works which have the potential to make a special contribution to modern arts.